Multitronic Pro Oy

About us

Simplifying Technology
Enabling Success

Our story

In 2018 mPro was just two people working in a windowless basement.  Two people with an idea to do great IT.
Today we are a rapidly growing team of experts and we are moving forward towards new goals. Our main focus however, has not changed. We are still here to do great IT. 

Our vision and mission

Simplifying Technology – Enabling Success 

Our vision from the start has been to deliver great IT that is easy for the customer in every sense. We want to simplify and remove the excess noise.
Great IT isn’t simple, but the result of great IT is that the customer’s day is simplified. IT should not be a brake when it can be a propeller.


Our Core values

Professional pride

We take pride in our expertise, we are responsible and make honesty our priority in all parts of our operation.


We value fairness and diversity in all that we do. Every person matters. Everyone in our organisation has the same opportunities and obligations to be part of our journey.


Together forward. Our driving force is the dynamic that comes from working together towards a common goal.

Customer Focus

We go the extra mile for our customers and make sure customers know that we are trustworthy. We stay ahead of the game and make sure we are up to date on knowledge and skills within our trade.

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Earth is our home. We care about the planet and make an effort to integrate greener thinking into our operations. 

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