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Freedom of choice makes the workplace attractive

Work tools that we like play an important role in the workplace and make our work more efficient – the freedom of choice of work tools is now more significant than ever.

Freedom of choice makes the workplace attractive. 70% of students choose an employer that offers the opportunity to choose work tools.

Source: The influence of student device choice on the modern workplace

How the freedom of choice benefits the company

The company can attract the best talent. Job satisfaction and efficiency improve when employees have access to work tools they like. For some, the choice is a Mac, while someone else may want to choose a traditional PC. Today, there is no reason to limit an employee’s choices. The total life cycle cost of a Mac is very competitive and affordable. This helps keep IT costs under control and employees happy.

According to a Forrester study, the savings are up to $843 over a lifetime.

Forrester study: Overall cost difference between Mac and PC

How the freedom of choice benefits the employee

Apple products are made to work exactly as expected – in a consistent and familiar manner, so users can work productively immediately. No matter what you do, you can work more easily, solve problems creatively, and collaborate towards a common goal.


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How the freedom of choice benefits the IT-team

Today’s IT environment is increasingly complex, but supporting Apple devices has gotten easier. Apple’s programs and services make it easy for IT staff to deploy and support iOS and macOS. IT teams can achieve the necessary control and clarity with device management solutions from other manufacturers – together with the services of partners.


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How can freedom of choice be implemented?

Select from flexible financing models.

Continuous leasing and buyback enables companies to be agile and move purchasing from a capital cost model to operating costs.

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Simple deployment and management.

IT can deploy and manage iPhone, iPad and Mac remotely. All that remains for the employee is to open the package and start the unit.

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Allow employees to personalize their devices.

Beyond the basic company setup, employees can personalize their devices and choose the perfect set of apps that will work for them.

Take advantage of easy support services.


From time to time, you and your employees may need help using Apple devices. For that, we offer services that you can use to supplement the internal services offered by your company’s IT teams. This ensures that your employees receive sufficient guidance to succeed.

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MacBook Air is thin, light and supercharged by the M1 chip, for incredible performance and up to 18 hours of battery life to carry you through your work day and beyond, so your teams from sales to finance stay productive anywhere. 


MacBook Air (M1)

The professionals at Multitronic Pro will help your company implement the freedom of choice.

How we implement freedom of choice:


Preliminary meeting. Introduction to Mac Employee Choice. What, why and how.


Organisaation tarpeiden kartoitus. Asiakkaan IT-ympäristöä koskeva haastattelu.


Opportunity to test deployment, management and support will be arranged for a limited period of time.


Evaluation of the pilot together with the customer. Change proposals, decisions, implementation.

Feel free to contact us and we will arrange a meeting.

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