Multitronic Pro Oy

Drone Inspection services

We offer comprehensive industrial inspections of power grids and wind turbines with the help of drones.

Wind turbines inspections


Optimized blade maintenance thanks to automatic data acquisition and machine learning.

Minimize operational downtimes, collect uniform high quality data and review reports faster than ever with the help of our comprehensive reports. 


Thanks to our precise inspection solution, you can monitor defects’ evolution over time, letting you adapt the most cost-effective maintenance strategy.


Easy to deploy

Any turbine, any yaw angle Only one rotor stop.


Centimetric positioning High resolution photos Repetable inspection


25 min inspection, 100 % autonomous

Power Grid Inspections

Smart AI driven Inspection solutions

We collect high-definition, high-resolution images of your powerlines which are then fed into a highly accurate  AI system that analyzes it for faults and potential defects in the powerlines.

Minimise risks to human lives, inefficiencies and cut costs.

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Capture data with efficiency and high quality HDR and thermal images.


Visualize and manage the grid location and the picture data through our map interface.


Analyze your data and get reliable predictions of defects in the grid through our Machine learning software.


Fix grid problems based on the findings by downloading and exporting a report with the list of defects.