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Drone Inspection services

Wind turbines inspections

At Multitronic Pro, we offer comprehensive drone inspection services to
ensure the safe and efficient operation of your wind energy assets.

Utilizing cutting-edge drone technology, our experienced team provides
flexible and scalable solutions for inspecting turbines, scheduling
maintenance, predicting failures, and maximizing asset efficiency.


Whether you need to monitor performance, conduct site inspections, or
enhance investment returns, our drone inspection services offer the
accuracy and reliability you need to keep your wind energy assets running

Multitronic Pro works in collaboration with software developer, DroneBase,
to deliver the best possible results.

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Increase Efficiency

With one streamlined solution fusing data collection, processing, collaboration, and reporting, achieve more effective asset management and strengthened business intelligence.

Enhanced Safety

Climbs are inherently dangerous and the traditional inspection process puts people at risk. Keep boots on the ground and minimize hazards with drone-based blade inspections.

Reduce Downtime

Prescribe action immediately with clear insights into each blade’s history and damages over time, resulting in faster fixes and greater energy production per turbine.

Lower Costs

Drone inspection services are less expensive than traditional visual inspection methods, and high-resolution imagery enables earlier detection of anomalies, saving more money and time in the future.

At Multitronic Pro, safety is our top priority.

Our team of pilots are fully
certified and trained to work safely at wind power parks. They possess all
the necessary certifications and qualifications to operate drones at these
facilities, ensuring that inspections and maintenance are conducted with
the highest level of professionalism and safety. You can trust our pilots to
carry out inspections efficiently and effectively, while maintaining strict
adherence to industry regulations and standards. Choose Multitronic Pro
for peace of mind and confidence in the inspection and maintenance of 
your wind energy assets.

Flight Operations and Data Capture

Our experienced drone operators hold professional licenses and insurance, and
have extensive experience using UAVs for wind asset inspection.

Automated Image Analysis

The DroneBase Insights platform leverages advanced machine learning algorithms to quickly identify images of blades with no damage so our analysts or yours can focus
their valuable time and efforts on actual damage.

User Management and Permissions

A platform developed to include permission-based access to ensure the appropriate users, whether from your team or your organization, have visibilityonly to the information that they need to see.