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We understand the pedagogical and technical challenges on the markets and we offer our customers efficiently working solutions and services. We have also become familiar with the evolution of education sector, schools, curriculum and technology.


Mobile Device Management (MDM)

When your company or school uses Apple’s technology to change their ways of working or learning you need a solution which makes the management of Apple devices as easy as using them.



By teaching your students programming you give them a key which they can use to open what ever they want to achieve for themselves, community and world.



As a teacher when you encounter different kinds of challenging students your skills will be tested. Our job is to equip you with sufficient information. By our pedagogical point of view students who are experiencing different kinds of learning difficulties make us better teachers  for all students.

Jamf Pro

Device management requires a lot but when using Jamf Pro as a management solution for Apple devices you can automate these tasks and anticipate management needs to ensure high level IT service for Mac, iPad or iPhone.

jamf | multitronic

We have a perfect solution for the management of school tablets and computers. We deliver management solutions for (MDM/EMM) mobile devices. From Multitronic you get support and installation help for these systems. We have comprehensive knowledge from different kinds of information systems and how Apple’s products are integrated to them in any kind of network environment. Our goal is to give our customer a chance to manage Apple’s products with easy and flexible way and at the same time utilize their existing systems. Multitronic is MDM solutions professional, also integrates Jamf and VM-ware.