As a teacher when you encounter different kinds of challenging students your skills will be tested. Our job is to equip you with sufficient information. By our pedagogical point of view students who are experiencing different kinds of learning difficulties make us better teachers  for all students

You as a teacher

The best resource for your students is you. And we are here to support you. We simplify your contribution by offering you digital apps which gives your students new kinds of opportunities to succeed, feel skilled and smart. And that’s what they already are. We increase your confidence to encounter different challenges, also in situations where fast learning skilled students want harder tasks. iPad offers unforeseen possibilities for teaching to help you differentiate teaching and give students more personal guidance.

Our two greatest resources are the IT-educator specializing in pedagogical teaching aids and Apple Education Specialist Johanna Björkell and Apple Distinguished Educator Joe Moretti. In addition we also have other Apple Professional Learners pedagogs. In addition to our course offerings we can also offer many other services.

Get in touch with us so we can tell you more. You can request consultation help or order customized courses for your school, city or municipality.


With many accessibility features, iOS is the first educational resource for you that offers new pedagogical and didactic opportunities for teaching, regardless of whether you face challenging situations at work or not. One example is the text-to-speech and speech-to-text function, which makes the iPads used in teaching work as perfect language laboratories. They actually have more functions than traditional expensive language laboratories. We offer pedagogical and didactic courses for both class teachers and special education teachers to make the most of all the features.


AppStore is another resource where you can find learning applications  at many different levels. Examples are NaviDays which is a browser designed for dyslexia, Fingu to teach numbers in a fun way and Skolstil 2 which pronounces written text. We will help you choose the fun and effective applications which motivate the student best. In our courses we also teach how to implement applications pedagogically and didactically in teaching. We believe that you will be able to do everything you need with basic applications and we will tell you how to use the applications to achieve the learning goals you have set for your students. The iTronic Educations basic application package includes, for example: Book Creator, Explain Everything, Showbie, iMovie, Pages and Tayasuki Scetches.