Frequently asked questions:

Why can’t we just use skype or a tablet?

Skype does not use encrypted streaming and is a lot less secure for everyone involved. AV1 can look around in the classroom, raise its hand and signalise when the user wants to participate or not. A tablet does not give the same freedom of movement and involvement.

How does AV1 work in the classroom?

AV1 lets the child or young adult at home or in hospital participate in the classroom on their own terms. AV1 signalises when the user is an active or passive listener and can raise their hand and talk or whisper if they want to. When it is time for a break, AV1 can join the classmates outside. We have information material for parents, teachers, and classmates, to be sure everyone involved feels safe in the use of AV1.

Can you help us get school involved?

Absolutely! We have an experienced customer success team that is ready to find the best solution for your child. Please contact us and we can help you!