Jack’s dream day

Jack’s dream came true thanks to the great work of WellChild, a UK charity working to better the lives of children with long-term diseases, and Everton Football Club, who moved boulders to arrange Jack’s dream day.

AV1 is built to let children participate

Being diagnosed with a long-term or chronic illness puts a dent in your everyday life, and cause you to miss school and time with your friends. Often, the isolation can be as bad as the illness itself.

That is why we created AV1.

Life is more than just school

Children are always on the run. With built-in 4G, AV1 is made to be used whenever, wherever, and is easy to carry along. AV1 is built to last, but if you are unlucky, an extended warranty is part of the subscription.

Makaylas story

“This is the first time in 8 years that I’ve had hope with Makayla’s education. Hearing the lessons coming from her bedroom I could have cried. We don’t have a normal life, but Robbie has given her some normality.”

– Makayla’s Mum

Meet Bee the robot

“Meet Bee, the robot that goes to school for me when I’m off sick.”

– Jade (17)