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Jamf School live online event 20-05-2021 12:00 (GMT+)

This event is organised in co-operation with Jamf, Apple and mPro and will be held in English and Finnish. 


Our presenters and their focus during the event:

Robert Granholm, mPro

Robert will be presenting mPro's IT-services and consultation services. Language: Finnish.

Emma Strömbäck, mPro

Emma will be speaking about the Jamf Teacher application. Language: Finnish.

Johan Måhlén, Jamf

Johan will be talking about Jamf School. Language: English.

Antti Tulisalo, Apple

Antti will be presenting Apple School Manager. Language: Finnish.

Complete with teacher, parent & student apps.


During the live online event mPro will be presenting a demonstration of Jamf Teacher, Jamf Student and Jamf Parent. 


The Jamf School management system  pairs with three apps, Jamf Teacher, Jamf Parent and Jamf Student. With a goal of creating the optimal digital experience, keep students focused and engaged.

Jamf Teacher

Jamf School Teacher gives teachers the tools to manage their class and keep students focused on their education. With Jamf School Teacher, you can instantly restrict websites, apps, the camera and much more. Or, you can even lock all student devices at once with a custom message.

Jamf Student

Jamf School Student gives students restricted permissions over their own devices, allowing them to focus on their education without being distracted by unauthorized apps like social media and games.

Jamf Parent

Jamf Parent uses the power of MDM to provide management controls for parents, giving them the ability to limit apps and device functionality.

iOS Management with Jamf School

Empower your teachers and students with Jamf School. Jamf School is a ready-made MDM for your school. Exceed the expectations.

In co-operation with Apple 

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