Zioxi furniture provides agile and adaptable learning spaces

We have innovative and stylish Zioxi furniture. The furnishings are easy to move, customizable and agile to use. The furniture can be integrated with, for example, features for charging devices and other work features. Comfort, stylish design and modern technology go hand in hand with these furnishings.

We design complete sets of Zioxi furniture according to the needs of each space. We always take into account the size of the room, its intended use and any limitations, such as cumbersome angles or other issues affecting the choice of furniture. After design, we deliver the furniture and install it as needed.

Furnishings are suitable for both educational institutions and offices. Ask more!

Agile and adaptable learning spaces

We plan, design and manufacture to support and inspire learning and make your space work better for you.

Mobile Device Cabinets

If you want easy access to your iPads, iPods and other small USB powered mobile devices these multi docks are ideal.

Device Cabinets

The zioxi onView Chromebook Charging trolleys provide charging and storage for smaller laptops.

Charging Solutions

zioxi iPad & tablet trolleys provide charging, secure storage and easy transport for 16, 20, 32 or 40 iPads or tablets.

Smart Features

A number of our solutions come with onView technology which allows you to monitor and control your charging trolley from your own mobile device. Simply log on to the portal and you can see exactly what is going on with your trolley – is it locked? Is it charging?

Environmental Solutions

Agile and adaptive learning spaces to support learning. Ranks, waves, collaborative groups, individual desktops, grouped together around a ICT mobile and a data hub, stacking them together, creating space – you can decide for yourself. Create an agile, adaptive and flexible classroom, pause or learning mode.

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