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Managing your Apple IT-environment

If you’re looking for tips on how to manage and secure your Apple IT environment, look no further!


Opening your new computer should be a positive experience. The IT department should not have to install programs manually or configure time-consuming details on individual computers. IT needs to be able to invest their time on security and the user experience and on taking care of how things work in the background.

Now IT can let the end user start his or her computer all by themself and at the same time have it secured with Microsoft 365 or Google account as the account is created on the computer automatically. Of course, all the while done with your company’s own branding. Why not add a nice message at startup as well?


Step 1 – open the package

Step 2 – turn on your computer

There is no Step 3.


Something that is close to our hearts is simplifying the commissioning of Mac or iOS and at the same time maintaining a high security standard. This is now possible via our mClient IT service. Multitronic Pro is a consulting company specialising in the management of Apple IT environments and consults all types of companies and organizations in Finland but also all around Europe.

With Jamf as a management tool in the Apple environment, we can integrate the customer’s Microsoft or Google tools and achieve very high security with multi-factor authentication, single sign-on and much more.

Read more about the mClient service here!

Get in touch, we are happy to answer your questions about managing the Apple environment!

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