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Auto-Update For mClient For Mac

Automated application packaging and deployment service for mClient

Auto-Update for mClient is a cloud-based service that integrates seamlessly with Jamf Pro to provide fully automated application packaging, deployment and updating capabilities for the management of macOS devices.

Auto-Update for mClient is designed to bring the App Store-like update experience to all third party applications outside of the Mac App Store. In addition to keeping hundreds of applications updated, the dataJAR Auto-Update framework can be leveraged to provide in-place macOS upgrades for managed Mac devices, with minimal configuration required by Jamf admins.

Automatic update of more than 600 common macOS software titles

Seamless integration into existing Jamf environments

Enhanced security and package validation

Valuable time saving when keeping software titles tested and up to date

Keep your Jamf environment running optimally without the need for multiple smart groups

Seamlessly install major macOS updates in-place or perform an erase and install

600+ macOS software titles at your fingertips

Once configured, Auto-Update will equip Jamf Pro administrators with an extensive catalogue of more than 600 applications (we are adding more every day) that can be delivered and kept fully updated without the need for manual packaging and uploading, or the overhead of continued policy and profile administration.

Provide a richer user experience, with native Notification Centre integration

As the Auto-Update framework integrates seamlessly with the macOS notifications centre, users can be presented with notifications of pending and completed updates as well as progress screens for installations, where appropriate. You can even use Auto-Update for Jamf to notify your users of major macOS versions when they are available, and also to deploy those to your managed Macs.

Enhanced security and package validation

The catalogue is updated weekly by our specialist packaging team. Applications become automatically available for deployment, either within Self Service or automatically. Titles are not released into production until they have passed a number of security checks, such as checking the Developer Signing Certificate, SHA-256 verification, and VirusTotal analysis on each package.

Auto-Update for Jamf