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mProShop, a tailormade webshop.

When planning mProShop our main goal was to create an e-commerce platform that includes all the functions of an ideal webshop. E-commerce is a key part of our organization and we wanted to make it as easy to use and as streamlined as possible from the customer’s point of view.

A few things we think are particularly important:


Search engine. The search engine is the real brain of ecommerce. It needs to be fast and efficient. A good search engine allows the customer to find the products they want quickly and easily. To find the right product, it should be enough to enter a feature of the product into a search engine.


Each company gets its own unique webshop.

We want to offer a webshop tailored to each customer’s wishes. In addition to individual pricing, this also applies to product packages, configurators and favorite products. We can even customize the look of the webshop to suit individual businesses.


It should be easy for companies to add more users to their accounts, all with their own access rights. Are there more people in your company who place orders but only one who has the right to validate them? No problem, we have a solution! Do you also have multiple shipping and billing addresses? All you have to do is enter the information in the profile where you can easily select an address for subsequent orders. No information should have to be filled more than once.


A webshop is not just a place to buy products. Sufficient information should be found on each product so that you do not have to leave the site to find information about the features of the product. It should also be easy to find related products for the product you ordered.


When the customer uses a leasing company, the monthly prices of the products are easily visible. This makes it much easier for companies to plan their purchases.


In addition to this, we wanted to offer our customers the ability to track purchases with reliable statistics. This function can be found on the customer control panel.


We were also quite tired of complicated check-out processes. We have accelerated the process. Once your shopping cart is full, you are just a few clicks away from finishing your purchase. If the products can be found in stock, they will usually arrive the very next day.

In addition to this, and this is close to our hearts, we want our customers to connect with us. We couldn’t even imagine charging for customer service. When visiting MProShop, you can always chat or connect with someone.


Try our services and see for yourself!

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