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Background Music

An Alternative to a blaring radio

What you play matters. Background music not only creates atmosphere, but  also dampens unwanted sounds. Carefully chosen music affects shoppers subliminally and  increases both customers’ and employees’ enjoyment.

How it works

The SoundCube media player is connected to the network and existing A/V system

Choose the music you like

Enjoy the music tailored for the space, time of day and season!

Starting from 29,00 €/month

Pricing of the mView Music service is based only on the size of your premises. mView Music does not require copyright payments, so it can save up to 50% of your music fees.

E.G. monthly fee for premises between 1 and 50 m² only 29 € (excl. VAT).

The perfect atmosphere for your location

Pick your favorite music from different genres and moods. Thousands of hours of unique songs help you create the perfect atmosphere for your location. New songs are constantly added and the playlists update automatically to keep the music fresh. You can tailor playlists for your company, scheduled according to day cycles.

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Update Playlists Remotely

mView Music integrates seamlessly into your existing mView Digital Signage solution and audiovisual systems. Content management is easy, no matter if you have 5 or 500 locations.

Both music and digital signage content is updated with the easy to use MediaCloud CMS. An addition to music and atmosphere, mView Music enables automatic announcements and audio advertisements.

Check out mView Music in action

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