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Digital Signage

What is Digital Signage?

Digital Signage are digital information screens, where you control the content with ease in the MediaCloud CMS. The system is intuitive and easy to learn, and you can even use it on your mobile devices. You just need an internet connection and a browser.

With digital signage you get the advertisement, bulletin or guide sign exactly where you want. And yes, in real-time.

We don’t want to brag, but digital signage screens really catch people’s attention. This leads to the ability to affect people’s decisions and inform your personnel at just the right time.

With digital signage you'll increase sales and elevate your brand

  • Reach the right pair of eyes exactly when it counts

  • Your message always reaches its goal

  • Push purchase decisions

  • Your brand is perceived as modern

No more printing fees or delayed campaign materials

  • Update content on the fly

  • Save time by scheduling content

  • Target your messages to the right locations

  • Stress-free content with easy integrations

Digital signage displays

Digital Signage screens is a cost-effective solution for spaces of any size.


Pylons take the digital surface close to your customers. Wide viewing angle within different lighting conditions ensures that your customers won’t miss your messages.


Video walls

A stunning video wall refreshes both your space and communication in one motion.

Digital POS furniture

Digital Point-of-Sale screens is a communications channel very close to your customers’ purchase decisions.

Digital A-Stand

Digital A-Stand is especially suitable for sales promotion and guidance. Foldable back support and useful wheels make it easy to change the location of the screen when needed.


Touch Screens

Interactive touch screens engage and entertain customers while gathering information, guiding, or providing product info or web store. Consumers are used to touch surfaces with smartphones and tablets, and demand quick, up to date services when entering stores and receptions.


10″ Mini screen

10-inch portrait or landscape Mini screen is especially designed for service counters, product promotions, and door sides. The plug & play screen connects to a wireless network (Wifi, 3G/4G) and plays Full HD image and video material. Content management is done via Internet with the FirstView MediaCloud CMS user interface.


LED trailer

When you want to go big on visibility, but still be nimble, our LED trailer is your partner. The bright and showy LED trailer will literally follow you to events, marketing events and festivals.

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