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How to turn an old laptop into a chromebook with CloudReady
Whether you're working from home or learning from home, CloudReady is the OS for you.

The fastest way to get high-performance devices in the hands of the students and employees that need them.

Turn your employees into remote workers, quickly, by turning older computers into fast new Chromebooks.

Created by Neverware and based on Google’s open source Chromium OS, CloudReady transforms the PCs and Macs you already own, delivering the familiar speed and usability of Chromebooks and providing a secure, cost-effective way to deploy and manage your organization’s computers—no matter where you, or they, are in the world.

CloudReady Editions & Pricing

No matter who you are or what you do, we have a version of CloudReady to fit your needs.



23,00 €

per device annually


56,00 €

per device annually

Any Device

CloudReady works on new computers as well as most computers up to 13 years old, giving you maximum hardware flexibility.

Deploy In Minutes

Install CloudReady from a USB in minutes, or use mass deployment to
deploy to hundreds or thousands of machines within days.

Unified, Easy Management

Easily manage, track and organize users and devices using Chrome Enterprise Upgrade and the Google Admin console.

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