Multitronic Pro Oy

Consulting & Education

Our IT consultants help you identify the right hardware and software solutions for your space. We design for example AV systems for meeting rooms and auditoriums, network building solutions and management systems. We look at each customer’s space individually and look for the right equipment and service package for it. From the plan it is easy to continue the common journey as all the necessary equipment and know-how can be found from us.

We organize training for the management services across Europe. We also organize deployment training for, for example, Office365 systems, web management and the use of mobile devices.

You can find your own pedagogical team from us with which you can go deeper into a specific technological theme. For example, we help to consider the right things when implementing technology into new ways of working. For schools we provide assistance in designing and implementing classroom equipment solutions. We strive to create spaces where modern equipment can be utilized as efficiently as possible in teaching situations.

Consultation and Education Request