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Jamf Safe Internet

Safe, private connections everywhere students learn

Powered by Jamf’s content filtering and network threat protection engine, Jamf Safe Internet is designed to help schools protect minors from harmful content.

Jamf Safe Internet is designed to help schools protect minors from harmful content on the internet and enforce acceptable-use policies without sacrificing the learning experience Apple devices provide.


Comprehensive content filtering optimized for education and integrated with MDM for simple, powerful student and user protection.

Students spend nearly twice as much time online than ever before, presenting a growing need for digital safety to eliminate cyberattacks and prevent students from accessing unsafe content.


Leveraging Jamf Data Policy and Jamf Threat Defense functionality, Jamf Safe Internet is a purpose-built, education, content filtering solution that ensures students can navigate the internet without reserve and integrates with our flagship education mobile device management solution — Jamf School.

Supported operating systems

Implement YouTube Restricted Mode

Implement YouTube’s Restricted Mode services to hide mature content from search results, comments and embedded YouTube videos.

Enforce Google SafeSearch

Jamf Safe Internet enforces Googles Safe Search to help hide explicit content from Google search results for safe learning environment.

Easy-to-build Reporting

 Never miss a beat with device usage statistics available in Jamf School the moment a device is deployed.

Education optimized, Jamf School integrated

A brand new console, with seamless Jamf School integration to make deployment and on-going syncing simple and intuitive from the platform you’re comfortable with. 

To learn more about how Jamf Safe internet protects students and users, please contact us.