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Till vårt online event 28-09-2022 14.00 (GMT+3)

I samarbete med Jamf, Apple & Paf

Detta event är engelskspråkigt


Attract and retain talent to your organisation by offering the power of choice!

In today’s work-culture it is becoming increasingly important for companies to take steps in order to attract, and retain, competent personnel.How do we become an attractive workplace that can draw in promising talent? 

When people get to work in ways that suit them, with tools they like, they are inspired to work better than ever.

Learn how empowering all employees to decide which devices will work best for them, benefits the entire organisation!

28.09.2022 14.00-15.00

Studies have shown that, given the choice more than 70 percent of all new graduates would choose Mac as their work device. 84 percent of the world’s most innovative companies use Macs on a large scale.

This trend is sure to continue, how can we take advantage of this information in our businesses while still maintaining safety standards and ease of implementation in our organisations?

Come and meet Apple, JAMF and PAF in a VIP format where we will delve into how we can best meet future workforce demands together with you.