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Contextual Mobility Management

Eliminate Mobile Distraction - Protect your field workers

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What if you could ensure that mobility was being used in the safest way possible?

Meet TRUCE, the automated productivity and safety switch for mobile devices. TRUCE lets you decide what mobile apps and device functions are made available to your employees across their work day based on needs and safety regulations.

With more mobile devices present during the workday than ever, protecting your staff from dangerous distractions becomes crucial.

From the construction site to drivers of heavy machinery, device utilization in a wide range of work environments adds a number of safety and security risks to the day.

keep your workforce safe with

Protect your staff from unwanted distractions that could endager them in critical work situations. 

How it works

Situational Context

Senses contextual signals such as movement, vibration, proximity, location and schedule or workgroup, across broad or specific work environments.

Normal Mode


Full access and functionality.

Policy Enforcement

Distracting or non-relevant apps are removed from view.
You define the “what, when and where” of mobile app and feature accessibility based on how your business operates and how work gets done.

Protected Mode


Only allowable apps accessible.

Easily deployed on any device, iOS and Android operating systems.

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