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We can offer hardware from some of the biggest and most reputable companies in the industry. We are official partners of Apple, Lenovo, Dynabook, and Dell, meaning we are able to offer the world’s latest computer technology and support, whilst also catering for bespoke or industry specific hardware requirements. But it doesn’t end there, we also offer a broad range of audio and video equipment and network hardware. We offer continued support through our helpdesk and onsite engineers, as well as repairs for your hardware.

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We offer software solutions from market leading suppliers such as Microsoft, Adobe and Jamf.  We specialise in helping clients stay ahead of the curve through tailored solutions in order to reimagine business processes and deliver increased efficiency, deeper insights and superior outcomes.

Smart furniture

Whether you are simply refreshing your space, undertaking a large scale refurbishment or a major capital project, Zioxi's design team will help you get it right. We even offer a free consultancy service too. So, if you want furniture that works as hard as you do, please contact us!

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Printing solutions

We offer printing solutions for every need. Whether it be needing a single printer for small scale printing or managing an entire fleet of printers and scanners remotely.  We can install, configure, monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your devices for you! Did you know that we also offer printers as a service? Contact us for more information.


Communication technology to bring people together. Tailored solutions to put an end to loneliness for those that need it the most, such as children with long-term illness and senior citizens. We also offer robotic solutions for educational purposes along with pedagogical guidelines.

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Professional drones that provide  an essential tool for businesses as services and technologies evolve and there is a need for new solutions to continue working efficiently. Professional drones perform specific jobs quickly and safely. Whether they are improving infrastructure networks, responding to natural disasters or sampling water. They can create 3D maps, monitor crops, capture live news or inspect wind turbines.