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The child's eyes, ears and voice in the classroom

Bringing people together


When a pupil can’t attend class in person, AV1 takes their place. AV1 is the distance learning avatar that makes it possible for children and young adults with long-term illness to take part at school via an app on their phone or tablet.

Lets children participate on their own terms

Being diagnosed with a long-term or chronic illness puts a dent in your everyday life, and cause you to miss school and time with your friends. Often, the isolation can be as bad as the illness itself. AV1 is built to let children take part in school activities on their own terms. The child using AV1 can decide when to connect and disconnect, simply by pressing a button in the app.

Designed for classroom use

AV1 gives children with long term-illness the ability to see, hear and talk to their classmates as if they were there, all through a secure app in their phone or tablet. If the child wishes to answer a question, they can raise their hand by pressing a button in the app and a white light will flash on the robots head. AV1 can be put in whisper mode, so only the kids seated next to it will hear them. And if the child is not feeling up for school, he or she can signalise that they want to be passive listeners, and a blue light will flash on the robot's head.

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There are over 6,000 kids suffering from a long-term illness in Finland. Help transform their life today, with the priceless gift of being able to stay in touch with friends and school, whilst at hospital or home.

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An avatar for those who need it the most


AV1 is the telepresence robot that acts as the child’s eyes, ears and voice in the classroom.

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