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We want every company, municipality and school to succeed with IT. It’s not always enough to purchase great equipment or software, there’s often a need for consultation and training to get the most out of an investment. That’s why we put great effort into providing some of the best training programs on the market. Feel free to contact one of our trainers for a tailored consultation that fits your needs.

Audio & Video Solutions

Regardless if it is a conference room, an auditorium or a gymnasium, it deserves good audio and video systems. These systems are often extremely helpful if they are optimal for the room, but they can be a hassle if they don’t work. We are very keen on helping our customers with their audio and video solutions. Feel free to contact our audio and video expert for more information

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Data Security

Data is valuable, and our systems have become our vaults. All important documents are saved in data centers and on our individual devices. Regardless if it’s a municipality, a school or a company we really believe that data security is one of the most important issues to look into. Our consultants will gladly help you with everything from password policies to virus protection. A good data security can not be achieved simply by using the right software. A good and safe system includes a safe mindset of each and every staff member. Feel free to contact our consultants for more information on how to make your organisation more secure.

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Device Management

Each year, the number of devices within companies, cities and municipalities increases. If you do not have a good system for managing all these devices, this can quickly become a crisis situation. Multitronic Pro has broad knowledge of device management and we are very happy to help you with solutions that fit your workplace environment.

Microsoft Office 365 Training

Microsoft has created an industry standard and it is Office 365. This tool is very powerful, and even more if the user feels comfortable with the product. We want to help you get more out of Office 365 on a daily basis, which is why we offer training in everything from Excel to Outlook. No training is the same, since every workplace is unique. Please contact us to discuss how you can benefit from Office 365 training.

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Apple Training

Many companies, cities and municipalities are choosing to invest more and more into purchasing and implementing Apple products into their environment. One major reason for the success is Apple trainers, APL or Apple Professional Learning. Whether it is a school that has chosen to give out iPads for students or if it is a design company that uses Apple's hardware and software on a daily basis, we see that it is of great benefit to educate customers users and staff. We offer certified APL training in many areas in Finland and in the Nordics.

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A network that works, is not noticed, only the bad ones remind us of their existence. It makes no difference if you have a small company with a few employees, or if you are a big company of tens of thousands, the networks are the nerve paths in the business. Therefore, we would like to help our customers and provide a network designed just for their needs. Please contact us to discuss your network needs.

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Financial Service

A big acquisition does not have to mean a big single outlay. There are many great financial alternatives on the market, and we are here to help your organisation sort through them. Multitronic Pro is cooperating with many finance companies and we are happy to help your organisation find the best solution on the market. Please feel free to contact our advisors for more information.


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