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Apple employee choice

When employees have access to tools they know and love, the whole organization benefits from greater engagement.

Give employees a choice of products.

Empower all employees to decide which devices will work best for them, and provide clear choices within the range of products that IT can support.

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Select from flexible financing models.

Perpetual leasing and buyback enables businesses to be nimble and moves purchasing from a capital expense model to an operating expense.

Simplify deployment and management.

iPhone, iPad, and Mac can be deployed and managed over the air by IT. And employees get the experience of unboxing their devices on their own.

Allow employees to personalize their devices.

Beyond the basic company setup, employees can personalize their devices and choose the perfect set of apps that will work for them.

Share the responsibility of support.

Many people already know how to use and support Apple devices, so the responsibility of daily maintenance is shared between IT and the end user.

When businesses invest in Apple, productivity goes up and costs go down. Browse the research that shows how Apple technology helps businesses.

78% of millennials

believe that having access to the technology they like at work makes them more effective in their job according to the study PwC/2011 Millennialsatwork: Reshaping the workplace.

3 out of 4 employees

would choose Apple according to the Jamf / 2016 Employee Choice Program Survey that showed that when given the choice, roughly 3 out of 4 employees would choose Apple for use at work.

Employees given choice

contribute more. According to the Gensler 2013 Workplace Survey, providing employees with choice can have a notable impact on their individual levels of innovation, job performance, and job satisfaction.

Macs are more affordable over time

According to the Forrester Consulting Survey, the initially higher costs for the acquisition of a Mac are more than accounted for over time during the whole lifecycle.

Especially costs for support have been shown to be significantly lower in enterprises that use Macs compared to that of PC:s. This is explained by the fact that Mac users share in the support role with the employer to a higher degree than PC users do.

Regardless of the size of the organization, companies are increasingly offering employees choice in their technology devices. Driven by ease of use, Apple devices lead the way as the preferred devices. (Jamf / 2016 Employee Choice Program Survey)

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